Oct. 2, 2019

Blue Advantage HMOSM Provides State-wide Access to Doctors, Specialists

Applies to: Small Groups (1-50)

2020 renewals are almost here, and Blue Advantage HMO is front and center as a cost-saving solution. Don’t let concerns about network adequacy stop your clients from taking advantage of savings opportunities.

We Can Help Dispel Myths About HMOs 
We listened to your feedback on HMO network adequacy concerns. Next week, we’ll send another targeted message to groups with January 2020 renewal dates to talk about the thousands of Blue Advantage HMO PCPs and specialists located across the state.

We want to help you dispel myths about HMOs and encourage employers to talk with you about how a dual option in 2020 can be the cost-saving advantage they need.
Our message is simple; Blue Advantage HMO is statewide:

Materials to Help You Sell  
The fliers and video below can help employers understand how Blue Advantage HMO covers each Texas region, and they show the similarities between modern HMO and PPO benefits.

Want to Talk?
Please call the Texas Small Group Account Management Team at 877-239-5582 with questions. We know you don’t want to miss out on cost-saving opportunities for your clients.