April 1, 2020

Article revised; see highlighted text
Special Enrollment Period and Resources for Group Members Losing Coverage

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX), we are committed to standing with our customers and members in this changing environment. As part of that commitment, we want to let you know about some of the options that may be available to you and several different ways we can help group members who may need coverage support due to COVID-19.

Eligibility Requirements
We have relaxed the eligibility requirements for currently enrolled/covered group members.

Special Enrollment Period
We are also offering groups an optional special enrollment period from March 30 to April 30. This would apply to eligible employees and their dependents who previously declined coverage and now want to enroll, or currently enrolled employees who wish to add an eligible spouse or dependent to their existing coverage.

Other Coverage Options
If your groups have employees who will be losing coverage under their employer health plan, those employees may have several options for alternative coverage.

Additional Resources
We have created materials to help you communicate these options to employees:

We are here to help our customers and our members during this difficult time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account representative with any questions.