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 Get Care When You Need It
It’s important to know where to go when you need medical care. Knowing your options and deciding where to go can make a big difference in how much you pay. You will pay less for for care from providers who are in the HealthSelect network. The costs noted below are average out-of-pocket costs. To find out more, go to
 Virtual Visits — $0
Get non-emergency care when you need it by phone, video or mobile app when you schedule a Virtual Visit through MDLIVE or Doctor on Demand. If you are enrolled in HealthSelect of Texas or HealthSelect Out-of-State, medical and mental health Virtual Visits are available at no cost to you. Consumer Directed HealthSelect participants will have to meet their annual deductible and then 20% coinsurance will apply.
Examples of Health Issues
∙ Allergies
∙ Bladder/Urinary tract infection
∙ Bronchitis
∙ Cold and flu
∙ Headache
∙ Nausea
∙ Pink eye
∙ Sore throat
∙ Rash
  Doctor’s Office — $
Your provider knows you and your medical history and can treat you, and refer you to a specialist if needed. Telemedicine visits, through the provider’s platform, are covered the same as an in- person visit. Ask your provider if they offer this service.
Examples of Health Issues
∙ Fever, colds and flu
∙ Sore throat
∙ Minor burns
∙ Stomach ache
∙ Ear or sinus pain
∙ Physicals
∙ Flu and other shots
∙ Minor allergic reactions
Retail Health Clinic — $$
Convenient, low-cost treatment for certain preventive and minor medical problems.
Examples of Health Issues
∙ Infections
∙ Cold and flu
∙ Allergies
∙ Minor injuries or pain
∙ Flu and other shots
∙ Sore throat
∙ Skin problems
   Urgent Care Provider — $$$
Immediate non-emergency care.
Examples of Health Issues
∙ Migraines or headaches
∙ Abdominal pain
∙ Cuts that need stitches
∙ Sprains or strains
∙ Bladder/Urinary tract infection
∙ Animal bites
∙ Back pain
Emergency Room — $$$$
For life-threatening or disabling symptoms.
Examples of Health Issues
∙ Chest pain
∙ Stroke
∙ Seizures
∙ Head or neck injuries
∙ Sudden or severe pain
∙ Fainting, dizziness, weakness
∙ Uncontrolled bleeding
∙ Problem breathing
∙ Broken bones
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