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Guide to Dental Insurance for Small Businesses

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Introduction to Small Business Dental Insurance

Access to proper dental care is more important than you may think. As the Mayo Clinic describes it, an individual's oral health is a window into their overall health Leaving Site. Problems that originate in the mouth can have a cascading negative effect on the rest of the body. For instance, poor dental hygiene can lead to cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and stroke. That is why it is important to provide affordable dental insurance to your employees and fully explain the benefits they will receive upon enrollment. With this in mind, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas is here to help answer the most important questions you may have about dental insurance for your small business.

Can I Find Affordable Small Business Dental Insurance Plans?

Dental care can be expensive. From routine cleanings to periodontal work, the cost of keeping the mouth free of cavities and plaque adds up. It is no wonder dental insurance is the second most requested benefit by employees, just after medical insurance. Similar to how you found the right health insurance for your small business, weighing the costs of a plan against the benefits for the workforce is imperative. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas offers 14 different dental plans. The plans are available to add on to your business’s existing health insurance. By offering 14 dental insurance options, we’re proud to provide small business owners with coverage options for any budget.

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance covers a patient's teeth and gums, helping offset costly procedures like fillings and root canals. As an optional extension of your health care coverage, dental insurance also includes networks, coinsurance, deductibles, and annual out-of-pocket maximums. Individuals enrolled in your small business group dental plan will have a portion of their services covered by insurance. Depending on the type of visit and procedure, insurance will cover varying percentages of the overall cost.

Why Offer Dental Insurance to Employees?

Going to the dentist is essential for good oral health and can help drive down overall medical costs. In fact, receiving regular preventive care for at-risk populations can save thousands of dollars in medical expenses annually. Offering dental benefits alongside your medical coverage can benefit your small business and team.

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Dental Insurance FAQ

Still have some lingering questions about how dental insurance may work for your small business? Here are some frequently asked questions small business owners have when approaching group dental insurance.

How is Dental Coverage Different from Medical Coverage?

Health insurance includes coverage for a wide range of medical care. However, most health plans only include pediatric dental coverage. Dental insurance can help you and your employees access quality dental care.

Dental insurance includes coverage for oral care. This includes going to the dentist for regular check-ups, orthodontics, oral surgery, and other dental services.

Is any Dental Coverage Included in my Medical Coverage?

All medical plans include pediatric dental coverage. However, coverage for adults is only available through a dental insurance plan.

Are there any Additional Advantages to Offering Dental Insurance?

Combining medical and dental coverage through BCBSIL streamlines the administration of both programs and can also help you manage your group's overall benefit costs. Employees with both BCBSIL medical and dental plans have access to BlueCare Dental ConnectionSM, which includes educational information and outreach to help your employees make important decisions about their oral health.

Can I Contribute to my Employees’ Dental Insurance Premiums?

Yes, you can choose to offer a contributory or voluntary dental plan to your employees. If you select a contributory dental plan, you can contribute to your employee's dental insurance premiums.

Final Thoughts on Dental Insurance for Small Business

Creating a comprehensive health and safety plan is important. It will give companies an advantage in taking care of employee happiness, health, and productivity. Adding dental insurance to your small business offerings will serve to bolster comprehensive employee wellness.

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