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Get started today and begin earning rewards.
When your doctor recommends a procedure, use Provider Finder® to find out if it is eligible for an incentive and where it can be performed.
Online: Go to, log in to Blue Access for MembersSM and click on “Find a Doctor or Hospital” to compare costs. Or call a BCBSTX Personal Health Assistant to help you compare costs.
Whether you use Provider Finder or call a BCBSTX Personal Health Assistant, if you select a lower-cost, in-network care option, you can earn rewards!
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Have your procedure at the HealthSelectShoppERS incentive-eligible location you chose. You can earn incentives on services like ultrasounds and mammograms, CT scans and MRIs, and procedures like knee, shoulder and hip surgery.
Once your service or procedure is complete and BCBSTX processes your claim, usually within 30-45 days, your reward is deposited in a TexFlex health care FSA or limited-purpose FSA. You and your eligible dependents can earn a total of $500 in rewards each plan year. No forms. No hassles. It’s that easy.
If you are enrolled in Consumer Directed HealthSelect, any reward you earn will be deposited into a limited- purpose FSA. Your incentive can only be used for eligible vision and dental expenses.
HealthSelectShoppERS is a program that allows eligible HealthSelect participants to save money and earn rewards deposited into a TexFlexSM flexible spending account (FSA) when they shop for certain medical services and procedures. With HealthSelectShoppERS, you and your eligible dependents can shop for medical care, compare costs and earn up to $500 in FSA rewards each plan year.
Who can participate in the HealthSelectShoppERS program?
You and your dependents may be eligible for FSA rewards if you have active employee benefits and are enrolled in HealthSelect of Texas, HealthSelect Out-of-State or Consumer Directed HealthSelect. HealthSelectShoppERS is not available to retirees and Medicare primary plan participants. For you or an enrolled dependent to earn an incentive, you must be actively employed (not retired) during the entire process - from shopping for the service or procedure, to having the service or procedure done, through processing the claim.
 Allister’s Journey
Allister is a HealthSelect of Texas participant and has been having serious knee pain. His orthopedic specialist wants him to have a CT scan.
Allister could use Provider Finder to find cost-effective imaging centers but would prefer to get some help. He calls a BCBSTX Personal Health Assistant and
learns there are two in-network facilities nearby
that qualify for HealthSelectShoppERS rewards.
After Allister is notified his prior authorization is approved, he has his CT scan completed at one of the lower-cost rewards-eligible facilities.
After Allister’s claim is processed by BCBSTX, his reward is deposited into a health care FSA. He can use the FSA funds to pay for future eligible health care expenses.
  5 Call a BCBSTX Personal Health Assistant toll-free at (800) 252-8039 (TTY:711), Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. CT Save on Costs

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