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Texas Small Business Health Insurance
and Group Medical Plans

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Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and Behavioral Health



Small Business Health Insurance Plans Designed to Fit Any Size Small Business and Budget.

Now it is more convenient than ever to purchase small business health insurance coverage for your employees.

It shouldn’t be complicated or stressful to shop health insurance for small business. By requesting a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas health insurance quote, you begin your journey to available, affordable, and attainable health coverage for your employees.

Why Should You Offer Health Insurance?


of employees respond with higher degrees of engagement and productivity when their holistic needs are being met and they feel valued at work.1


of employees see health insurance as a “must-have” benefit2


of employers cite attraction and retention as a priority concern.1

Get the information you need to apply for your small business health insurance.

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Why healthier employees means a healthier business:


Retain Employees

Encourage your team to stay and help your company grow.


Protect Your Health

Provide health care coverage for you and your family as well as your team.


Attract New Talent

Superior benefits can help you recruit the best possible team.


Potential Tax Savings

Health care exemptions, tax credits, and deductions could mean significant savings for you and your team.

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Boost Productivity

Reduce sick days and help your employees stay healthy longer.

It’s Easy To Enroll Your Team.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas can help you select between our flexible PPO and HMO health plans for small businesses based on your budget and needs. Our team is built to provide health insurance quotes for small businesses like yours.

Get a Quote

Get your health insurance quote for small business coverage by answering a few simple questions about your business and health care coverage needs.

Learn About Your Options

See the small business health insurance plans available in Texas, and compare their coverage options and estimated monthly cost.


Once you select the health insurance plan(s) you want to offer, you can apply for coverage online or over the phone.


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Healthier Employees. Healthier Business.

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